Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekend was good and that you got a sweat session in! Here’s a little motivation to start your week off: This weekend was pretty low-key for me, I completed my Warrior Dash workout on Saturday and went to swim class with Addy (who I might add just started crawling.  So proud!) Sunday we all […]

What a week! Definitely a busy and tiring one for me and I am so happy IT’S FRIDAY! I hope you all had a great week. Since doing Wednesday’s Warrior Dash training and teaching Spinning, I had a Triple Header on Thursday. I taught two spinning classes (30 and 45-minutes each) and a Step class. Today, after I teach Spinning […]

Each Sunday or Monday I try to get all of my food prepared for the week. I have to admit, there are some weeks the last thing I want to do is prep my meals and snacks ahead of time. But I have found out the more prepared I am, the healthier I will eat throughout the week instead of […]

Happy Monday everyone! My weekend kicked off great. Friday morning some members at my Fitness Center told me about Truckeroo so I figured I would go and check it out and see what the various food trucks were serving up for lunch. Truckeroo is held April- October about two blocks from where I work so it’s convenient to get to and a […]

  What a week! It was tough to get my workouts in this week with a sick baby and a sick husband (they are both better now thank goodness) but I managed to get just enough in and balanced it by eating healthy. Monday: Weight Lifting (deadlifts, lunges, spilt squats, 1-arm dumbbell chest presses, back squats, pull-ups) Tuesday: Ran 5.2 miles […]

On a normal Wednesday, I hope to update you all with my workouts, what healthy meals I have eaten/cooked and fitness tips. However, this isn’t a normal Wednesday (or week) for me considering what happened in Boston on Monday. I went into work yesterday morning with a heavy heart. I could tell a lot of the runners that were already at my gym […]

Back to regularly scheduled posts tomorrow but I wanted to get the word out that runners are encouraged to unite and wear any race or running shirt today to support the victims of the Boston Marathon. Or even better, run for Boston today. Whether it’s a mile or 26.2 miles, show your support! I’m also sporting my Sweaty Band I […]

Getting it done early this morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Unfortunately I got no workout in this weekend. I think Addison brought home a stomach bug from daycare and I was lucky enough to catch it. However, Chris and I did manage to take Addison into DC to see the Cherry Blossoms so we got a lot of walking done! […]

Happy Friday: we made it! Each Friday I will be posting what I did during the week to break a sweat and also give you some of my favorite workout moves from the week so that you can add them into your routine. Here is one of my Indoor Cycle class play lists I used this week. Use the music […]

Monday was a recovery day for me after my 10 mile race. After an ice bath and plenty of foam rolling on Sunday, I was looking forward to a post-race pedicure and even more foam rolling. If you’re not foam rolling, you should be! I wish I could afford regular deep tissue massages but the foam roller is just as […]