I never thought I would say this: It’s so good to be back at work! I missed the gym, I missed the members! Even though my back is feeling pretty darn good, I am still easing back into things. Monday Chris and I both had off from work for Memorial Day. We have a federal holiday tradition: Bagel Buddies! Ever […]

I hope you all are having a great Holiday Weekend. Chris and I are off from work today and daycare is closed so Addison is running the house today (just like any other day!) A low key weekend for me considering my back is still healing. I am happy to say I am walking upright and am not in too […]

**Present-time update** I find it ironic that this post was about me “eating cleaner” and I am about to do a 3-day cleanse this weekend! The past year I have eaten cleaner (with a few cheat meals thrown into the mix because I am human) but I am happy with how my diet has been. Just from my pre-cleanse, that […]

It’s Hump Day! My second favorite day of the week (Friday is first of course!) Some mid-week motivation courtesy of WellandGoodNYC: Writing this post from my bed because I am still home from work due to be throwing my back out on Monday. Andrew, my massage therapist, fixed me enough so that I can now walk upright but the pain […]

Happy Monday (a little late I know)! So funny story: The reason why this post is so late today is because I threw my back out this morning at the gym! As soon as I felt the sharp pain I knew what happened since this has happened two other times before. Laying in bed all day drove me crazy and the pain […]

We made it to Friday! What a week it has been. Some motivation to head into your weekend: Get out there and SWEAT this weekend! I had to tweak my workout schedule a bit from what I posted on Monday: Monday: Taught Spinning and lifted weights to work my booty, back and shoulders (tricep dips on ball below!) Tuesday: Taught Power Pump Wednesday: […]

TGIF! I am finally back with another post after a chaotic week. My Health Expo on Wednesday went great but this girl is tired. I will be back with a Weekly Wrap-Up shortly but first: a recipe! I grew up on my aunt’s Sinfully Delicious Chicken. It’s a great comfort food with stuffing and chicken and is perfect during the […]

So this weekend was my FIRST Mother’s Day! Lot’s of activity went down (and some down time too!) Friday, after I taught my 1-hour Spin class, I headed to Addy’s daycare where we planted a basil plant together. Well, I planted it and she ate the dirt! I’ll keep you updated on if the plant survives! Saturday, Addison was ready […]

With the crazy week I had, I was only able to post twice last week. I didn’t want to forget to share this great recipe with you all! I love getting my monthly Nutrition Action Healthletter. Each month I get the most up-to-date nutrition information and recipes that I can post for the members at my gym to try. Last […]

This week has been a little hectic for me and I never got a chance to post yesterday! So here we go… Monday I had the great opportunity of attending a Myofascial Release session at Transform Holistic Healing and Wellness Studio in Takoma Park, MD. I talked about myofascial release by foam rolling here , but Tanya Colucci, owner of Transform, […]