Happy Monday! I am reveling in my sports victories over the weekend: the Indians are in the playoffs and the Browns are 2-2. Cleveland has been cursed when it comes to sports so this is SO EXCITING! I hope you all had a great weekend. Back to the task at hand: FOOD AND FITNESS Last week I did a […]

I cannot believe we are starting the last weekend in September. Time to break out the Halloween decorations! Speaking of Halloween Chris and I are going with an “Under the Sea” theme for Addison and Cody. Last year was this: They both look so thrilled right?! So this year we are getting these costumes: I cannot wait for Halloween this year because even […]

Happy Hump Day! Yesterday I worked out with the big boys here in the gym and tried out their arm workout. My arms are feeling it today! I wanted to share the same workout with you all for Workout Wednesday! Sorry it is not in a pretty graphic from Pic Monkey: my computer is not cooperating. I will have a […]

Hello all, just got done teaching Power Pump and as promised here is the recipe I talked about yesterday for Tuscan Tuna Salad. I am always trying to find new ways to make canned tuna yummy and less boring without having to add mayo or plain greek yogurt. As luck would have it, Whole Foods Tweeted a recipe last week and […]

Another Monday and I am loving that fall is officially here! Some motivation to begin the new season: Last week I was able to get in my own personal weight lifting in, teach classes and do my physical therapy exercises for my back. By Friday, my back was killing me but nothing a little Tiger Balm couldn’t fix! Here’s the […]

We made it to Friday! Here is a little motivation to end your week and start your weekend: It doesn’t matter how bad this week was for you. Maybe you didn’t get your workouts in like you planned. Maybe you didn’t stay on track with your healthy eating. The bottom line is, you can restart fresh TODAY! Don’t beat yourself […]

I completed my first half marathon over the weekend: the Divas Half Marathon! I know I kind of skipped that step by running five marathons already but I have to admit, I love the half marathon distance! I can see why it is popular among runners. Friday I headed to the Landsdowne Resort to pick up my race packet and […]

I have a great bodyweight circuit for you all for today’s Workout Wednesday: The 5, 10, 15 Circuit Click the image to enlarge: For a description of the V-Sit with Leg Circles, click here. This workout targets your core, chest, shoulders, arms and legs. Plus, it will get your heart rate up because even though you are resting, it is […]

So true! Yesterday I completed my last run before running the Divas Half Marathon this coming Saturday! I am excited for the race because there will be new scenery and it is an all women’s race. Also, this will be my first half marathon. I jumped right into running marathons and skipped everything in between! Because running out in “the […]

So since every coffee shop has come out with their version of the Pumpkin Spice Latte a little early this season, I could not help but get in the mood and add pumpkin to a few items myself. First up: my Pumpkin Pie Smoothie I had this yesterday as a post-run smoothie but you can have it for breakfast too. […]