Happy Halloween! Here is a workout for you to burn off some of that Halloween Candy! (click image to enlarge) How to do a Box Jump For box jumps, choose a box/step that is at a comfortable height for you to jump up on to safely and that you are comfortable with. An alternative for a box jump if your […]

Today is busy and exciting for me! I am studying hard for the NASM-CES exam all day and then this afternoon, I am meeting with a coach for a strength, conditioning and nutrition session! I am hoping after I meet with her, I will have some exciting goals set and some exciting news for you all! As you might have seen […]

Here is your weekly workout to do this coming Friday to go along with your October Workout Calendar (Click the image to enlarge!) In case you missed them, here is Workout 1 and Workout 2 This week’s menu includes: Lunches: A chickpea and kidney bean salad (recipe coming soon!), tuna salad sandwiches and grapes Dinners: Hashbrowns with green peppers and onions with “dippy” […]

This past weekend I ran my 6th Army Ten Miler! This has got to be my favorite race because the course is great, it is during the fall and I get to run it with Chris: Last year Chris ran it by himself because I had to stay home with Addison (she was 4 months old!) and I would be […]

Before I forget, here is your workout to do TODAY as part of the October workout calendar. You can download the entire calendar here. Friday Workout 1: Wednesday, October 9th Workout (click the image to enlarge) Not sure what a Side Plank with Rotation is? Here is a great description: Side Plank w/ Rotation All planks are great, and they are […]

  So I am sure you have read the headlines and heard the outburst by now about this picture: If you are reading this, you know I am passionate about health and fitness and helping everyone achieve their very best. You know I had to speak out about this eventually! Maria Kang, posted the above image on her Facebook page […]

Happy Hump Day! I am still recovering from the Heritage Half Marathon. My left hamstring is a little sore but nothing a little foam rolling can’t fix! I am now weight training 5-days per week instead of 3-days. Like I talked about last week, we all need to mix things up to keep our body guessing! Here is the breakdown: Mondays: Shoulders, Hamstrings, Calves […]

I now have my 2nd Half Marathon in the books! The Heritage Half Marathon was held this past Sunday and I have a new PR! I have to admit, I was not motivated at all to train for this race. Since the Divas Half Marathon in September, I think my longest run has been 6 miles with a few shorter […]

Today’s workout is meant to be added to your October Workout Calendar. Download the calendar here and follow along. It’s never too late! Try this workout today or wait until Friday as your scheduled workout on the calendar. The 20, 15, 12, 10 Workout. Do each exercise for 20 reps, then 15, then 12, then 10. Try to do it […]

Hello all! Wondering where I was yesterday? I am lucky enough  to have off work every/other Monday so yesterday was my day off from blogging as well. What did I do with my day off? Cleaned the entire house (it was long overdue) while singing along to the Mama Mia soundtrack! It is the most upbeat soundtrack to listen to […]