Are you crazy about running? I never thought I would say that I am crazy about running but after running my first 10-miler in 2005, I caught “the bug.”

I ran my first Turkey Trot in elementary school, maybe 4th or 5th, grade and I came in DEAD LAST! Not my proudest moment being my first athletic event. I then got into volleyball and basketball and played on my school’s varsity teams for both and even on a Junior Olympic team for volleyball. The conditioning for both of those sports consisted of a lot of sprinting. Suicides anyone?! Now I think they call those something else?

So long distance running was something I never had to worry about or wanted to even do.

But then I moved to Maryland in 2004, met Chris and found out he was training to run the Marine Corps Marathon. I ran with him on a few of his training runs and supported him on the sidelines during his race. I loved the excitement and energy just watching the race and knew I wanted to experience it on the course. So Chris and I ran the Annapolis Ten Mile run in August of 2005 and the rest is history.

I am not a fast runner by any means and I am fine with that. I love how running puts you against yourself: pushing your mind and body to the limits to see how fast and how far it can go. Sometimes I run with music but sometimes if it is a short run, I prefer my own thoughts and leave my iPod at home. As a mom of an 18-month old, running is definitely my time to take off the “mom hat” and put on my running hat. Sometimes for the last mile of a run, I go a little slower knowing that as soon as I get back home and open the door or take Addy out of the jogging stroller, my “mom hat” will go back on.

iphone 742

This year I took a break from the full marathon and stuck with two 10-mile races and two half-marathons. Read the recaps:

Cherry Blossom 10-Mile Run

Divas Half Marathon

Heritage Half Marathon

Army Ten Miler

I have to admit, training for those distances was heaven and the little aches, pains and minor injuries I dealt with when training for full marathons never bothered me this year. I honestly thought I would be fine not running a full marathon ever again.

But deep down I missed the challenge of 26.2 and the emotional feeling I used to get crossing the finish line after running 26.2 miles. There is no feeling quite like it and you cannot explain it to someone because they have to feel it for themselves. Literally, every emotion runs through you: pride, happiness, joy, worry, fear,  pain (lots of pain!) and then hopefully, pride (again) after you cross the finish.

I applied to be a Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon blogging ambassador and here I am getting pumped knowing I will experience those emotions again in May. Yeah, I am crazy!

I ran my first full marathon in Cleveland in 2009 and after a long break, it only seems fitting to jump back into things by starting out there again. And I hope my training partner and biggest fan will be able to be on the sidelines:

Foam Rolling

So yes, I am crazy! And I love it!

That being said, a client sent me a link from Women’s Health titled, “25 Signs Your Crazy About Running.”

I’ve listed a few below that describe me but click on the link above to see the full list and tell me which ones describe you.

Sports Bras

Foam Roll






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