Six days until the Super Bowl! I’m excited for the big game but sad football season will come to an end. Did you know that Super Bowl weekend is when most people “fumble” when it comes to their New Year’s Resolutions? If you think you might fall victim to the loaded nachos and spinach and artichoke dip, check out some great Super Bowl Recipe Makeovers here.


Perfect Conditions

The menu for the week looks like this:

BreakfastsProtein Flax Oatmeal (it has become my go-to breakfast!) and egg whites

Lunches: Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli, Quinoa and Protein Packed Turkey Meatballs

Dinners: Spaghetti Squash Alfredo (recipe coming soon!), a large salad with tomatoes, chickpeas, onion, walnuts, feta, cucumber, apple slices and Green Goddess Dressing. Thursday night we will have Sweet Potato Quesadillas as a family.

I should have followed the above weekly quote better because last week I have to admit I did not get a lot of running in. We had a lot of snow last week so getting outside was not doable. I could have went to the gym but Addy was out of school so I was with her all day. I know: excuses, excuses. But all I can say is this week will WILL be better! 

This week’s workout schedule looks like this:

Monday: Light legs and shoulders workout and an easy 4 mile run

Tuesday: Teach Power Pump, back day, easy 4 mile run

Wednesday: Teach Pilates, chest day

Thursday: Teach Spinning and Piloxing, arm day

Friday: Take Yoga, teach Spinning, light leg and shoulder day, easy 4 mile run

Saturday: Easy 4 mile run

Sunday: Easy 5 mile run

Yesterday I got a run in but again, I tried to come up with every excuse in the book not to hit the pavement:

It’s too cold.

I should really nap.

I can’t find my running cap.

I should prep food for the week.

I should do laundry.

I should just enjoy the quiet house while Addy, Chris and Cody nap.

I should go run errands.

The list goes on! I am calling yesterday’s run “Super Soul RUNday” (yes, a play on Oprah’s words!). Because after my run, I felt invigorated, more energetic and since I didn’t take my iPod with me: it was just me and my thoughts for 4 miles.  


Super Soul RUNday

4 miles/37-minutes

For me, running is a chance to escape everything and just be with my thoughts and listen to my breathing. Running is my therapy. For the time that I am out pounding the pavement, I am not a wife and I am not a mom. I am just a runner taking care of my mind, body and soul so that I can be the best wife and mom that I know I can be when return home. I will admit when I get home, I take as long as I can to stretch myself out in the garage before I walk into this:



Saturday was rough. Addison was not in a good mood and at 19-months, I think she has hit the “terrible two’s” already. Tantrum’s were thrown in the grocery store and we had to leave swim lessons early because girlfriend was not wanting anything to do with the pool. Because she was in a horrible mood, Chris and I were in bad moods. It drained me mentally and physically and both Chris and I were frustrated. I didn’t even go for run and I should have just to clear my mind and reset. I talked with my mom over the phone and told her, “I think you are only getting one grandchild from us!” Addison was in a much better mood Sunday and me going out for a 4 mile run put me in a good mood to be able to handle her mood swings. Luckily, she was great all day. Maybe there will be a second grandchild after all mom!

We all need a Super Soul RUNday (any day of the week)! Post your run on Instagram and tag it #supersoulrunday. We are all in this together and can try to create a great support system! Follow me on Instagram as well for even more support and inspiration.

What are excuses you come up with to avoid your workouts? Any parent’s care to share their children’s “terrible two” stories/tips?



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  1. caroline says:

    Yeah, I can remember the times of coming thru the door after a “bad” day @ work and thinking “I’m just going to turn around and go somewhere else” or as soon as I hit the door there was a little body bombarding me with questions or asking for help. I was thinking “gosh, let me get my coat off first” or “give me a minute or two to catch my breath”. But got through it with patience and prayer. So glad I never gave up, as I have the best son, daughter and grandchildren. I could not ask for anything or anyone better. God has blessed me as he has blessed you.

    Again, us moms, wives are always trying to be perfect and take care of everything. We are only human – we do the best we can at the moment. Prayers & deep breaths my dear.

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