February (and Monday) is here already can you believe it!


This week’s menu looks like this:

BreakfastsProtein Flax Oatmeal (it has become my go-to breakfast!) and egg whites

Lunches: Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli, Quinoa and Protein Packed Turkey Meatballs (I am a creature of habit!)

Dinners: breakfast when I am home with the family(eggs, pancakes), a large salad with tomatoes, black beans, onion, walnuts, feta, cucumber, apple slices and Green Goddess Dressing (when I am working late). Thursday night we will have fish tacos.


This week’s workout schedule looks like this:

Monday: Light legs and shoulders workout

Tuesday: Teach Power Pump, back day, easy 4 mile run

Wednesday: Teach Pilates, chest day

Thursday: Teach Spinning and Piloxing, arm day

Friday: Take Yoga, teach Spinning, light leg and shoulder day, easy 4 mile run

Saturday: Easy 4 mile run

Sunday: Easy 5 mile run

Last week, I didn’t get my Tuesday (4 mile) or Friday (4 mile) runs in. My back was absolutely killing me. Instead, I did a lot of stretching and even had a 1-hour massage session with Andrew (the GREATEST massage therapist!).


I felt a lot better over the weekend and managed to get my 4 mile and 5 mile runs in on Saturday and Sunday while Addison napped.

Saturday Run Sunday Run

Today no running (or teaching) is on the schedule so lot’s of stretching is planned as well as working my legs and shoulders.

Do you have a lucky item that you need to workout or run with? For me, it’s my “26.2” hat that I wore in the 2010 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon because I set my first (and only) PR in that race. You have seen me sport it in many pictures here on IRBS.

Cleveland Race On Metro photo 2 (7)

This past Saturday and Sunday I was going crazy looking all over the house for my hat so I could wear it for my training runs. I looked in the laundry (clean and dirty!), in all of Addison’s hiding spots, in my closet, in my car, under the bed and in every dresser drawer and could not find it. I personally prefer running with a hat and it also gets me in “the zone” to focus on my run making it feel like it’s just me and the road.

Before each of my runs this weekend, it bothered me to not have my hat and mentally it bummed me out (I was literally pouting!). I had short runs scheduled (thank goodness!) and just looking outside at the beautiful weather we were having gave me the extra push I needed to get out the door. I have to admit, the first mile of each run, I wished I had my hat on, it just didn’t feel the same, but then I found my groove. Sunday, I searched for my hat again before heading out for my 5-mile run. I was trying to keep it at a 9:45-10:00 minute-mile slow pace as The Hanson Marathon Method suggested but I was feeling so good I averaged about a 9:20 pace. Not crazy fast but fast enough for me! I also think I have a new lucky item:

Lucky Tights

Tights from Athleta that I never ran in before! 

Also, more good news, my lucky hat was found in my locker at work this morning! I never thought I brought it into work but it made it’s way into my gym bag somehow.

Perhaps a few runs without my hat is what I needed to give me confidence and make me realize that running is really mental and not just physical.  I still will be running with my hat though!

What is your lucky charm?

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