My Sweet Turkey Stuffed Peppers have been a staple in weekly meal planning for quite some time. Over the years I have changed up the recipe adding a little of this and a little of that. You can make the peppers ahead of time and bake them the next day and they also make great leftovers as well! I sometimes […]

Happy Friday! What a week it has been. Addy had some sort of allerigc reaction to what we think was pollen and came home from school early on Tuesday. Poor girl looked like a leopard from her belly down but she was running around the house playing as if nothing was wrong. Chris stayed home with her Wednesday and I […]

Friday is here! Looking up more back dotors: story of my life. I woke up this morning, bent down to get something from underneath the bathroom sink and my back wasn’t having it. I had pain shooting up the left side of my back and it has been lingering since. I took some pain meds, drank some Calm and stretched. […]

What you missed Monday: Marine Corps 17.75K Recap What you missed a year ago: Wednesday Wellness I don’t know how I came to love running. After all, I was the chubby girl who came in last at her school’s Annual Turkey Trot in 4th grade! I played volleyball and basketball so running long distances was never in the training plans. […]

A new week is beginning already! Let me start off this recap by saying everything about this past Saturday’s Marine Corps 17.75K was awesome! The weather was perfect. The energy was spectacular. The race course was incredible even if the hills did kick my butt! The race itself was very¬†well-organized! I had a 4:15am wake-up call, got ready, and headed […]

Happy Friday! I am blogging from bed today because I am home sick with a cold. I felt it coming on Wednesday and predicted it would be bad come Friday and here I am! That’s what happens when you have a toddler at daycare: diseases comes home! This week I had a 9-mile run on the schedule so I went […]

When I was at DC Fit this past weekend, I was able to try two types of salads: one from Sweet Leaf that had quinoa, dried cranberries and apples and another salad from Zenful Bites that has wheat berries as the main ingredient. I loved the quinoa salad but I knew I had a bag of wheat berries sitting in […]

Hello all! Saturday I took a little “me time” and attended DC Fit presented by InTheCapital at Long View Gallery in the city. It was “me time” but definitely not “down time” as there was a lot to do! There were various classes, local businesses advertising their products and services, panel discussions for healthy cooking, nutrition, a fashion show and […]

It’s Friday Eve! Do you have any plans for the weekend? I have an idea for you! If you are in the DC area Saturday near Long View Gallery, you should check out DC Fit! I will be there and I cannot wait! It will be an all day event from 10am-3pm packed¬†with healthy food, fitness classes, and expert health […]