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I don’t know how I came to love running. After all, I was the chubby girl who came in last at her school’s Annual Turkey Trot in 4th grade! I played volleyball and basketball so running long distances was never in the training plans.

After I watched Chris and many others cross the finish line at the Marine Corps Marathon in 2004 I knew I wanted to experience the emotions and feelings that those runners had experienced. I ran my first 10-mile race in 2005 (Annapolis Ten Miler)and then decided to take the jump and run a marathon in 2009 (The Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon).

CLE MArathon 2010

The reasons why I run have changed over the years since 2005 due to various life experiences. I first ran because I enjoyed the new challenges that came with adding miles to my training. To me then, running was all about self-discipline, confidence and becoming free from every day stress. After each race, I wanted to set a PR in the next one and the next one. I enjoyed pushing my body to its limits and knowing that each step I was taking was getting me closer and closer to my goals.

I run for the emotional rush I get during the race itself and when crossing the finish line. So many emotions run through you when you are running a race: invigorated, happy, strong, weak, frustrated, relief. Those emotions never get old. I have cried every time I have crossed the finish line of a marathon: especially my first in 2009. All are tears of joy and relief and I cannot wait to cry again!

I run to stay sane and for a period of time, I am not a wife and I am not a mother: I am a runner. While I am running, all to-do lists are thrown out of my mind and I focus on me so that I can be a better and more patient wife and mother when I return home. I don’t rush through the miles just to get them done and over with. Running helped me overcome my “baby blues. Granted, Chris literally had to push me out of the house because I didn’t even want to do the one thing that made me happy: run. It took a few weeks but eventually, I was “me” again.

Stroller Run

Last year, after the terrorist attacks at the 117th Boston Marathon, I ran because I was angry and inspired. Angry because cowards tried to not only bring terror to Boston but to the running community itself. Inspired because I knew for me it was “Boston or Bust” and one day, I will qualify and run in the The Boston Marathon. One day.

Now, I run because I can. I don’t HAVE to run. I CHOOSE to run. It is a gift that I do not take for granted and I enjoy the fact that I can run whenever and wherever.

Why do you run?



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  1. Stacy says:

    Great read! I also run for so many reasons… but mostly because I CAN and I love the way it makes me feel!

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