This past week was a busy one but after I mentioned I was taking a week off from running here, I ran my last double-digit training run (12 miles) last Monday and felt great!

This past week and this week leading up to the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon is all about tapering. I cannot believe in 7 days I am running my 6th marathon (4th Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon)!


The reason for tapering before a marathon is to allow you to be as rested as possible so you can run your best race. Most schedules have you cutting back mileage for about three weeks before the marathon: just like my training plan from Hal Higdon. Some runners hate to taper because they don’t like the idea of decreasing their mileage before a big event. They don’t like that feeling of doing “nothing.” I personally love the last 3-weeks leading up to a marathon and decreasing my mileage. For me I feel like tapering my mileage is a reward for all the miles leading up to that last 20-mile training run! I feel strong during my taper runs and that gives me confidence leading up to the race. Last Monday I ran 12 miles:

12 mile run

Mile 1- 8:25

Mile 2- 8:24

Mile 3- 8:18

Mile 4- 8:24

Mile 5- 8:32

Mile 6-8:33

Mile 7- 8:26

Mile 8- 8:31

Mile 9- 8:31

Mile 10- 8:31

Mile 11- 8:26

Mile 12- 8:22

I am so happy my splits were consistent and I had no pain in my calf like I did here during my 20-mile training run.

Tuesday I ran 4 miles, Thursday was 6 and Friday I ran 3 miles.

Today I ran 8 miles:

8 miles

Mile 1- 8:41

Mile 2- 8:43

Mile 3- 8:48

Mile 4- 8:42

Mile 5- 8:23

Mile 6- 8:20

Mile 7- 8:23

Mile 8- 8:14

I am happy to see negative splits and hope that my splits are negative on race day!

My last week of training looks like this:
Monday: 3 miles

Tuesday: 4 miles and a 30-minute pre-race massage

Thursday: 2 miles

Friday morning I leave bright and early for Ohio and my mom and I will have a girl’s weekend in Cleveland. This week I will share with you my goals, packing tips for travelling to a race and my race day nutrition!

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  1. caroline says:

    Best of luck in Cleveland on Sunday Christine! Have a good, enjoyable, fun race. I’m routing for you gal! RAH RAH RAH! Cannot wait to read your blog next week. Safe travels!

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