Can you believe it is July already? This past week I was not too motivated to prep all of my food on Sunday so during the week, I just kind of winged it and threw together my meals each day. I just felt tired all week for some reason even if I did go to bed early. My breakfasts were […]

It is Friday Eve! If you followed me on Facebook or Twitter over the weekend, you saw that I was attending Washingtonian’s Fit Fest. Washingtonian invited me to attend and write about the day’s events. I had a blast and even went out of my comfort zone. Here was my intinierary: -10:00- Barre – 12:00- Pilates - 1:00- CrossFit   Washingtonian developed […]

Normally I do not do a post on Tuesdays and simply post a “Tuesday Truth” motivational quote on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Today is different! Tuesday Truth is happening today on the blog and YOU will be able to choose your own motivational quote thanks to Momentum Jewelry! Momentum offers hand-crafted jewelry that you can wear either at the gym, on […]

Yes you read the title right! This Sunday begins my training for my 7th marathon! If you remember from this post, by running the Marine Corps 17.75K in April, I got “access granted” into the coveted 39th Marine Corps Marathon October 26th. Even better, my friend Jack will be training and running the marathon with me! This will be my 3rd Marine […]

What you missed yesterday: Addy’s World What you missed a year ago: Soft Surface Run I am pumped for this coming weekend because I will be attending the first annual Washingtonian Magazine Fit Fest: a day of wellness for area women. Throughout the day, attendees will be able to: Try the area’s most popular fitness classes Get advice from diet […]

I cannot believe my little girl is 2! Addison turned 2 last Thursday and time has flown by. I once read in The Happiness Project regarding children that “The days are long but the years are short.” That quote is true! It is amazing that such a little person can frustrate me and tire me out but then just simply […]

We made it to Friday! Here is what you missed earlier in the week: Sausage “Spaghetti” Recipe Stop Doing Crunches! What am I liking lately? Infused Water Over the weekend I sliced two lemons, half of a cucumber and put them in a pitcher. I then added 12 mint leaves and filled the pitcher up with water. I let it […]

As a personal trainer, the question I get asked the most is, “How do I get a flat stomach?” I just got asked that question yesterday so it sparked this post. Of course, everyone thinks that the more crunches they do, the flatter their stomach will get. I am here to tell you that is wrong! The one thing crunches […]

What you missed last week: My Truth Fun and Workouts Workout and Food Recap Last week’s meals were pretty repetitive. I am a creature of habit and I eat more meals at work than I do at home so for me, eating the same meals throughout the week make it easier to pack. Breakfast Breakfast was either eggs, fruit and […]

First of all, thank you for the amazing support you all showed regarding Wednesday’s post and me revealing that I once dealt with an eating disorder. If you missed it, you can read it here. I find it rewarding that I am in a profession where I can encourage women to live happy and healthier lives. This past week was […]