Taking a different approach to show you what I eat on a daily basis today! Do you know how much protein you consume daily? You should! A lot of people are diligent with their workouts but normally when it comes to their diet, they have no idea how much fat, carbs or protein they are eating. I find that men, who strength […]

Happy Friday! This week I have been lifting weights but no cardio. If you have been following me on Instagram or Twitter, you might have seen this: A spider decided to indulge in my foot. I woke up Saturday morning not being able to walk, looked down and saw my foot was swollen up to my ankle (normally my toes […]

This past weekend, you probably noticed I was running in some crazy socks:   I first used compression socks for recovery this past spring when training for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon and ironic enough: this was the first marathon I had no injuries! I wore my PRO Compression socks after long runs, on the 6-hour car ride to Cleveland […]

What you missed last week: Summer Running (Music) What you missed a year ago: Dreadmill Running As you read this, I am probably prepping food for the week. It was a busy weekend with two long FMT’s (family nap times) after a hectic week! Breakfast Sunday I woke up for my 8-mile run and had a banana before heading out […]

I don’t know about you but when I am running by myself my motivation to run truly depends on the music I am listening to. If I have an upbeat playlist, I am on autopilot, and I feel like I can run forever! This time of year I love to listen to fun, upbeat music. Here is a list I […]

What you missed Thursday: Momentum Winner! What you missed a year ago: Fitness and Food Breakfast Eggs, eggs and more eggs! They have been my go-to breakfast with avocado, fruit (peaches, blueberries or grapefruit) and marathon bread: Pre-Run last Sunday I had a Power Bagel from Einstein Bros. Bagel and coffee: Lunch This week I was craving a cold salad since […]

Thank you to all of you who entered in the Momentum Jewelry contest! I am happy to say that Laurie K. is the lucky winner of a free Motivation Wrap Bracelet or Foot Note. Laurie, you have 24-hours to redeem your prize or another winner will be selected. Please reply to my email! If you did not win, you can […]