I cannot believe October is almost here! Fall is my absolute favorite season and October is my favorite month. When the seasons change, I feel it is good to take inventory of where I am with my goals and set new ones. “We have to make ourselves over daily, consistently, in order to keep moving forward. We are not meant […]

What you missed Wednesday: W.O.W.W What you missed a year ago: Ripped and Stripped (A great chest bicep and tricep routine!) Today I wanted to share a few things I am loving lately. Star Jumps 1) Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with your arms by your side. 2) Squat down and touch your hands behind your legs and jump […]

What you missed Monday: Ragnar Relay: Packing What you missed a year ago: No Mayo Tuna Salad So this weekend, hopefully, I will be getting the iPhone 6 Plus. I am told my pictures on my current phone can be put in the cloud. I don’t understand the cloud and I don’t trust the cloud so these next few days […]

If you missed my Ragnar Relay DC recap, you can check it out here. Before you get the medal you have to pack! But where do you start?! I am here to help you my friend! First, before you do anything or look at multiple websites (except for this one of course!) and get overwhelmed, sit down and write down […]

After this weekend, impossible is definitely nothing. I cannot recap every little detail from the Ragnar Relay¬† in just one post because there is so much I want to tell you. I will provide a little recap here and then over the next few days talk about training, packing, fueling and everything in between. If there is something you are […]

What you missed last week: Going Green (A yummy kale smoothie!) What you missed a year ago: Serene Sunday I cannot believe that in 5 days, I will be running my first Ragnar Relay ULTRA Marathon! I will be in a van with five other runners (and one brave driver) and over the course of about 24-hours and 200 miles, […]

What you missed Monday: Arms on Fire What you missed a year ago: Finally Friday I feel like Addy when she get’s off the potty (and does nothing but sit on it FOREVER) and says, “I did it!” Gotta love her enthusiasm. I DID IT! I finally have made a green smoothie, with kale, and didn’t want to spit it […]