Happy April Fool’s Day! Have any jokes planned to play on people today? Well I have a workout for you all and it is no joke! Full Body Pyramid **Do three rounds of the following** 10 Burpees 20 Push-ups 30 Side Jackknives (15 each side) 40 Squats 50 Mountain Climbers 40 Lunges 30 Jumping Jacks 20 Plank Jacks 10 Shoulder […]

Yesterday’s long run got me thinking how much I enjoy running alone sometimes. Sure it’s great to get out there and pound the pavement with a friend but some days, you, and your mind, just need to go it alone. Yesterday morning was cold and windy (23-degrees when I started). My face was numb for 8 miles and thawed out the […]

Last week I met up with my nutrition coach Derick and he gave me a revised meal plan now that my miles are starting to increase for marathon training. Here is a look at my meal plan from February. I can’t complain, my new plan has given me the courage to take a progress picture of myself. I have gone […]

What you missed Wednesday: What’s SUPP! A look at the supplements I take to get me through my weight training workouts, running and daily life. Today is the first day of spring (although the weather outside still feels like winter) and with the beginning of spring comes spring cleaning. I thought it was time to finally get the many photos […]

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the supplements that I take so I wanted to share those with you. Now that I am on my new meal plan, I have added a few more supplements to the mix and I have noticed a world of difference. Every morning with breakfast I take the following: Women’s Multi-Vitamin B-Complex I started […]

What did I do this weekend? Caught up on sleep and re-lived this past week through pictures. I thought I would share my birthday week (I’m 33!) with you and catch you up on my Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Training as well. It all started last Friday when Chris and I traveled to Annapolis, MD to spend the night and hang […]

I need to update you all on this pasts weekends activities and I will soon. In a nutshell: I turned 33 on Saturday!!!!! The birthday celebration is still rolling so I will have a full recap for you in a few days. Today, let’s talk food. Better yet, let’s talk homemade protein bars! I have been on my nutrition plan […]

March is International Women’s Month. Throughout the month, and specifically on International Women’s Day, held on March 8th, women are celebrated for their contributions to events in history and contemporary society. This year’s theme is Make It Happen and women are doing just that with their strength, inspiration, courage and perseverance.  This year on March 8th, FitFluentual, along with Rx Response and TogoRun, are […]

Runners and athletes….we are a stubborn breed. Me being a redhead makes me even more of a stubborn breed! So when I get sick, I always think that I am invincible and I can still log miles or complete a workout. This past week however, a cold and fever knocked me on my ass. This made me wonder: should you exercise if […]