It was a busy weekend for me and technically it still is the weekend since I have off today from work! My nieces came over this weekend and it is always good to have “the redheads” visit. Addison loves to be a “big girl” like them and they love to hang out with Chris and I when Addison goes to […]

It’s another Workout Wednesday! Since using rowing as a form of cross training while using the Run Less Run Faster method, I have been keeping up with rowing workouts at least once a week because I fell in love with it. I gave you a rowing “how to” video and workout here but I wanted to provide you all a […]

It was another amazing weekend of family time, running (10 miles!) and…the Grand Opening of South Block Juice’s East Falls Location! I first was introduced to Amir, the owner of South Block Juice, and his popular line of cold-pressed juices last May when I did the 3-day cleanse. (Read more about that here.) Over the last year I have become […]

Today let’s talk about the fun part of running a race: the bling!  Here are five of my favorite medals that I have earned or would like to earn in the future! Earned Diva’s Half Marathon Finisher’s medal For a half marathon, the diva’s sure know how to shoe their finishers some love! I ran the inaugural race in VA […]

Hump Daaaaay! Since the mornings have been extremely humid, I have been in the mood for smoothies instead of eggs. I have been able to do my track workouts in the morning and then enjoy a smoothie at home afterwards. This week I had a great track workout and created a new smoothie recipe and wanted to share both with you! […]

Have you ever noticed how many weird fitness trends there are today? We have come a long way since Jazzercise and Step Aerobics! Remember the diet frenzy when Snackwells cookies came out on the market?! I wanted to share with you 5 Fitness Trends I would never try and then share with you one that I would. 1) That Crazy […]

Have you recovered from your 4th of July festivities? My weekend actually started on Friday since Chris and I did not have to go to work and Addison’s school was closed. So we did what we do every federal holiday: go to Bagel Buddies! We used to live 5 minutes from Bagel Buddies but now we have to drive about […]

To get you in the spirit of tomorrow’s 4th of July festivities, I wanted to share a few heart-pumping patriotic songs with you that you can add to your weekend workout (or party!) playlist! I added these songs to my Spin Class playlist along with a few other favorites. In no particular order: 1) Born in the U.S.A. 2) Firework […]

I cannot believe that I have not shared the love about this refreshing, no-cook meal! I think it was last year Chris and I started having this as a Meatless Monday meal and since then we have thrown it into rotation as the the weather warms up. I hope you like it as much as we (and Addison!) do! The […]