For this week’s Workout of the Day I am keeping it short and sweet: 3 exercises in 15-minutes. Its a total body workout with a nice emphasis on the shoulders. Also included is a special playlist designed by Addison! We have a lot of fun listening to music in the car and she has her special requests (ok, demands!) so […]

This post is two weeks in the making because I had no idea where to begin. Just like last year’s Ragnar DC, so many amazing things can be taken away from our overnight running adventure! Ironically I think I just became fully recovered from this year’s race. Any Ragnar Relay is a mental and physical test. I experienced that test for […]

One month and I will be running the streets of Philly with Tim!  Week 9 Monday: Track 2 x1600 @ 7:10 and 2 x800 @ 3:27. This one was a little rough. Tim and I had to move our track work from Thursday to a Monday this week since we were both off of work Thursday for Ragnar. My legs were still […]

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting with Dan from Mighty Meals, a gourmet food preparation service, to talk about the company he created with Stefano Marzano and he surprised me with a week’s worth of their healthy and delicious meals to sample. Dan, a local personal trainer and food enthusiast, has an amazing passion for health, fitness and […]

Hello all! I am still trying to put into words this past weekend’s Ragnar DC experience and as soon as I do: a full recap will be up! But until then, try this Workout of the Day! Try this workout today, time yourself, then do it again next week and see if you can beat your time: And no workout would […]