IT’S MARATHON WEEKEND! Sunday Tim and I will be running the Philadelphia Marathon! Right now the weather is looking decent (high-40’s to mid-50’s) and as long as there is no rain I am happy! This will be the first time I travel to Philly not planning on seeing a football game, eating Crab Fries or drinking beer The last three […]

This week in my Tabata class, I selfishly made the entire format all upper body and abs to save my legs for this weekend’s marathon. I think the class hated me but loved the workout and I wanted to share with you two exercises that we did: Negative Push-ups and Planks. Going down towards the floor during a push-up is […]

Some of you might already be over everything pumpkin but you have to try these bars! A cookbook I use religiously is Gourmet Nutrition by Precision Nutrition. I am a certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition and because I love their takeĀ on nutrition and wellness, I knew I would be a fan of their cookbook. In Gourmet Nutrition, each recipe […]

Today’s short and sweet workout will leave you a little winded but feeling good all over!   I know, I know: BURPEES. I had them in your workout last week and here they are again. Burpees are an amazing total body exercises. To learn how to do burpees, watch me hereĀ (around 1:16). For Push-Presses watch me here and follow these […]

I wish I could say I was walking with swagger this morning but unfortunately not! Yesterday’s 20-mile run went well, for the most part, so I can’t complain but I am dealing with a few aches and pains that have me a little worried. I am trying to treat them and not worry about them so I can stay in […]