Keeping with the theme from yesterday’s post, I figured I would continue reminiscing and bring you the top five workouts that you all enjoyed the most on I’d Rather Be Sweating this year.  WOD {RFT} Running and a bodyweight workout: what could be better! Full Body Pyramid Work your shoulders and your core! 4 SUPER Indoor Workouts 4 workouts and […]

With every impending new year it is always nice to take the time to reflect back on what has happened throughout the year. I enjoyed looking back at some of my old blog posts to see not only how I grew as a writer/blogger but also as a runner. Of course, there are moments while reading past blog posts I […]

I hope you all had an amazing holiday! I took a little break from the blogosphere and even though blogging stopped: life continued at an insane pace. The Cruise The week before Christmas, we went on a cruise with Chris’ family to the Bahamas. If you love cruises, I apologize ahead of time for this rant. Chris and I have always […]

Looking back at how I trained for the Philadelphia Marathon (my recap here) and the outcome of the marathon: I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Even though I didn’t get my main goal of a 3:45 I still set a PR at 3:51 and I am happy with that. If anything, the one thing I want to work on is not starting […]

All I can say is: “Philadelphia, my husband loves you for your football but I love you for your marathon!” Last Sunday I completed my 9th marathon in Philadelphia! Saturday Leading up to race day, everything went amazingly well. Almost too well. I showed up at Tim’s house on time despite being rear-ended by a taxi cab that drove away […]