The good news: I have survived two weeks of the Whole30 The bad news (I guess): Derrick has suggested I do it for 6 weeks instead of the usual 4! (My friend Deb asked me if he was on crack!) His reasoning, and I have read this in other Whole30 testimonials, is that some people don’t see true results after […]

It’s time I do a little experimenting! I have been following a healthy meal plan since surgery that incorporates a lot of anti-inflammatory and healing foods: blueberries, pineapple, tumeric, garlic, bone broth etc. While I have been happy following the new plan Derick developed for me, I have been throwing around the idea of experimenting with other popular meal plans […]

To read how my FIA Hip Scope went, read all about it here along with my first month progression. Pilates and upper body workout post-surgery can be found here! 7 Week Post-Op Follow-Up I met with Dr. Miyamoto two weeks ago and he said everything is healing well and my strength is coming back nicely. He recommended that I wait until week […]