Looking back at my 2016 goals and how I managed to achieve most of them in a more different way than planned was fun but now it is time to focus on 2017!




I have stated this goal in multiple posts and cannot believe that I am three months away from a BQ-attempt. If you would’ve told me a year ago that I would attempt to run a 3:30 marathon I would’ve laughed. Training has been going well, my hip is stronger than ever and so is my mind. I actually believe I can do this and a little part of me is freaking out. It’s crazy to think that I could actually achieve a goal that I have kept quiet about for so long since I crossed the finish line of my first marathon back in 2009.

Coach Al has been amazingly supportive and every time we talk about running I swear I get goosebumps and become even more motivated and focused. He has believed in me since Day 1. And you might have noticed above that my goal finish time has changed from 3:35 to 3:30. Coach thought I was holding out on him when I told him I set a PR in the Annapolis Half so he decided to overhaul tweak my training plan.

The other day I was telling him about the issues I’ve been having with my knee: I am dealing with runner’s knee and have been doing everything in my power to relieve it. I have only ran one day this week and have been strength training and cross training by teaching Spinning. This is the email (that last line!) I received from Coach before he came to chat with me more in my office:


I’ve watched video clips of Joan Benoit Samuelson’s historical run in the past but watching them over again the other day gave me “all the feels” and also made me analyze my gait a bit. I think my knee is hurting partly because I am over striding. Hopefully shortening my stride will help.

So that brings me too…


Remain Healthy Throughout the Year

Chris and I joked that our health insurance company was probably wondering what the hell was going on in our household in 2016. I turned 34 last March and it seems it was downhill from there..

The tear in my hip forced me to get surgery. I am still performing and will continue to perform my physical therapy exercises at least one day per week.

My eye issues caused me to be on a series of eye drops for 5 months that in turn caused asthmatic breathing when I ran and I had to undergo allergy testing. Only to find out my eyelids had severe particle build-up and a strong cleanser and switching to daily contacts were all that were needed. Due to all of the sweat that get’s in my eyes I must wash my eyes every/other day with baby shampoo. Ladies, if you wear a lot of eye make-up daily and your make-up remover isn’t removing all residue: I highly suggest you try the shampoo.

And lastly, my digestive system decided it no longer could tolerate some of the foods I have eaten on a daily basis. This is still a work in progress as I try to figure out what doesn’t cause gas, bloating and cramps. I will write more later about this but at the moment, from the upper endoscopy I had in November, I have severe gastritis, am on Nexium and follow a low-FODMAP diet. I have found out that green leafy vegetables, root vegetables, chocolate and peanut butter cannot be tolerated. More tests are in my future and I will find out more on the 25th.

It has been frustrating dealing with health issues this past year but at the same time I am definitely more in-tune with my body and more aware when it feels “off.” In 2017 I want to continue to listen to my body and keep it in peak condition.

Do Yoga At Least Two Days/Week

I fell in love with yoga last year and have been attending at least one class each week. I want to make it to two classes each week to get the real benefit that yoga offers.



Be Present

Like most of society: I am on my phone a lot. I do a lot of posting on social media and try to stay on top of the trending topics but I realize I need to just put the phone down and log off of the computer. This year I plan on not walking while looking at my phone, not be on my phone while in the presence of others and not check social media on the computer as much. I will also not be on social media as much when I am at home with my family in the evenings.


Meal Plan/Prep Better

Most Sundays I spend a couple hours in the kitchen prepping my meals for the week. Then there are other weeks where I just “wing it.” This year I want to be more consistent at planning the menu for the week not only for myself but for my family and take an hour or two over the weekend to prep.


What are your goals for this year?

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  1. Your coach sounds awesome! Definitely the right person to be on your side for a BQ attempt, and hey, in running life in general! Digestive issues are the worst (I soooo feel you there), but often we come up with something even better after it all goes through. I hope you are living deliciously now :D

  2. How exciting that you are going for a BQ! That’s still my one running goal I haven’t achieved. My BQ time falls this year to 4:10–I could have totally done that but some health problems have popped up and now everything is a big unknown. We’ll see how things go this spring at my June marathon.

  3. Wow your training sounds like it is going really well I will be rooting for you and that BQ! Sounds like your coach is fantastic too.

  4. My goal is to also do better at meal planning. I purchased a new book and want to start making healthy recipes in here. A little prep in the beginning of the week goes a long way.

  5. I love your goal about being on social media LESS. That is a tough thing these days…everyone is permanently attached to their phone and constantly checking for updates/notifications (I’m guilty as well).

  6. Rachel says:

    Can’t wait to hear about that BQ, girl!

    Also — health… we must discuss… why is everything falling apart for both of us at the same time?!!

  7. So excited for you on your BQ journey!! It sounds like you’re in a great headspace for training in the last few months leading up to the race. Isn’t so great when you get goosebumps thinking about running and your goals?

    I don’t have a BQ goal (yet!) but I also have a goal to do yoga at least two times a week and to use social media less!

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