Yeah, I know…I’ve been MIA in the blogging world. So you know this has to be big if I am writing a post about it! This week, I am giving away a FREE entry into the 40th Rite Aide Cleveland Marathon! Not up for running 26.2 miles? That’s cool because RACM has you covered for any distance: Full Marathon– Sunday, May 21 […]

For the first time ever, I feel so much pressure to achieve a running goal. Some thoughts that go through my head daily… – I have achieved so much up until this point after surgery: this would be the cherry on top – So many people believe in me: I can’t let them down – I put this BQ goal […]

As a runner, it is not only important to log miles but it is even more important that you use any down time you have to rest, stretch and perform mobility work. Today I wanted to share with you four key mobility drills you can do each day to improve your run game. These four key moves can be done […]

Looking back at my 2016 goals and how I managed to achieve most of them in a more different way than planned was fun but now it is time to focus on 2017! Running BQ I have stated this goal in multiple posts and cannot believe that I am three months away from a BQ-attempt. If you would’ve told me […]

The other day I had a good laugh when I looked back at the goals I set for 2016 (read all about them here) and I wanted to share a “Year In Review.” 2016 Goal #1: Run a 3:45 in Cleveland I met my goal…just not in Cleveland! Three months before the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, I ran the Myrtle […]

I cannot believe it has been 6 months since my hip surgery. In case you need a refresher here are my past posts: “You Need Surgery” Hip Surgery {1 Month} Progress {9-Wks Post-Op} Last Monday I met with my surgeon for the last post-op appointment and I am happy to report my hip is stronger than ever! Dr. Miyamoto took me through […]

This week began my first week of marathon training. Week 1 of 21. 20 more weeks, and I will be running my 11th marathon and first marathon post-surgery. The Race This was the first time I think I have ever stressed over finding a race. I knew I wanted a spring race and I knew I wanted a fast and flat […]

Have I got some things to fill you all in on! As you know I finished the Whole30 (read all about it here) with not so good reviews. Weeks after finishing the challenge, my digestive issues worsened. We are talking feeling like I have a bowling ball in my stomach and I look three months pregnant worsened.  Cramps, gas, bloating, […]

Read here and here about my month on the Whole 30. It’s been 4 weeks since I finished the Whole30 and it has taken me that long to gather my thoughts on how I feel about the elimination diet. Oh I wish that were the case Mr. Gosling! Initially, I was supposed to do the Whole30 for 45 days instead […]

To see my recap of Weeks 1 and 2 on the Whole30, check it out here. To start this recap off, all I can say is that the last two weeks have been a learning experience and I have gotten really in tune with what my body can digest. Day 16-27 (August 28-September 7) Tiger Blood! Your on the downhill […]