Looking back at my 2016 goals and how I managed to achieve most of them in a more different way than planned was fun but now it is time to focus on 2017! Running BQ I have stated this goal in multiple posts and cannot believe that I am three months away from a BQ-attempt. If you would’ve told me […]

I would have to say 85% of my wardrobe consists of fitness apparel. Working in a gym full-time and teaching various classes throughout the week encourages me to stock up on shoes, tights, sports bras, tanks and shorts! Just because I wear workout clothes 5-6 days out of the week doesn’t mean I don’t like to look good. I love […]

This is a post that I has been sitting in my “drafts” folder for a few months, But lately, since it is a new year and people are looking to get healthy and lose weight, I have been getting  a lot of questions about cleanses, detoxes, meal plans, supplements and “that crazy wrap thing.” My short answer: if you cannot […]

Once again this Friday, I am joining in on the fun with Mar on the Run, Eat Pray Run DC and You Signed Up for What? for the: This week’s theme comes at a perfect time as we start to think about the Holidays. With the holidays comes food and busy schedules. Today’s Friday Five Link Up is all about staying on track during the Holidays […]

What you missed Tuesday: 20 Mile Run What you missed a year ago: Wednesday Workout Yesterday I was standing on the platform waiting for my train to come when a member from the gym walked up and introduced herself to me. After she introduced herself, she asked me, “How do you stay motivated and energized to do, what you do, […]

I cannot believe October is almost here! Fall is my absolute favorite season and October is my favorite month. When the seasons change, I feel it is good to take inventory of where I am with my goals and set new ones. “We have to make ourselves over daily, consistently, in order to keep moving forward. We are not meant […]

Yes, I checked out for a few days. Ok…weeks! But with good reason. Two weeks ago, Chris and I took a Staycation. We normally go to Myrtle Beach each summer but this year, instead of running after a toddler at the beach, we decided to drop off Addy at daycare each day for a week and just spend some time […]

Can you believe it is July already? This past week I was not too motivated to prep all of my food on Sunday so during the week, I just kind of winged it and threw together my meals each day. I just felt tired all week for some reason even if I did go to bed early. My breakfasts were […]

It is Friday Eve! If you followed me on Facebook or Twitter over the weekend, you saw that I was attending Washingtonian’s Fit Fest. Washingtonian invited me to attend and write about the day’s events. I had a blast and even went out of my comfort zone. Here was my intinierary: -10:00- Barre – 12:00- Pilates - 1:00- CrossFit   Washingtonian developed […]

Normally I do not do a post on Tuesdays and simply post a “Tuesday Truth” motivational quote on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Today is different! Tuesday Truth is happening today on the blog and YOU will be able to choose your own motivational quote thanks to Momentum Jewelry! Momentum offers hand-crafted jewelry that you can wear either at the gym, on […]