Have I got some things to fill you all in on! As you know I finished the Whole30 (read all about it here) with not so good reviews. Weeks after finishing the challenge, my digestive issues worsened. We are talking feeling like I have a bowling ball in my stomach and I look three months pregnant worsened.  Cramps, gas, bloating, […]

Read here and here about my month on the Whole 30. It’s been 4 weeks since I finished the Whole30 and it has taken me that long to gather my thoughts on how I feel about the elimination diet. Oh I wish that were the case Mr. Gosling! Initially, I was supposed to do the Whole30 for 45 days instead […]

To see my recap of Weeks 1 and 2 on the Whole30, check it out here. To start this recap off, all I can say is that the last two weeks have been a learning experience and I have gotten really in tune with what my body can digest. Day 16-27 (August 28-September 7) Tiger Blood! Your on the downhill […]

The good news: I have survived two weeks of the Whole30 The bad news (I guess): Derrick has suggested I do it for 6 weeks instead of the usual 4! (My friend Deb asked me if he was on crack!) His reasoning, and I have read this in other Whole30 testimonials, is that some people don’t see true results after […]

It’s time I do a little experimenting! I have been following a healthy meal plan since surgery that incorporates a lot of anti-inflammatory and healing foods: blueberries, pineapple, tumeric, garlic, bone broth etc. While I have been happy following the new plan Derick developed for me, I have been throwing around the idea of experimenting with other popular meal plans […]

First off: congrats to Paige C. who is the winner of Coffee Blocks! And now… a new recipe for you all! I have to admit, being in our temporary apartment and the kitchen we have hasn’t motivated me to be creative in the kitchen. Hopefully that will change soon! For some time now, my breakfast has been a cycle of oatmeal […]

It is no secret that I love butter coffee and when I was given the opportunity to try Coffee Blocks and do a review, I couldn’t pass it up! Butter in Coffee, Really?! Believe it or not, healthy fats first thing in the morning can actually help with focus, energy and even satiety. Just drinking buttered coffee as your breakfast can leave you […]

A few weeks, back, I shared with you meal prep ideas for breakfast and this week I want to share some ideas for lunch. Most days I pack my lunch so you will find most of the following recipes convenient to travel with. You will find these recipes and more on my Pinterest board here. If you are a lunch […]

One of my goals this year is to expand my recipe collection and possibly come up with a few good recipes of my own. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you 15 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Some will be recipes from my archives that I have created and others will be from Pinterest. If […]

Some of you might already be over everything pumpkin but you have to try these bars! A cookbook I use religiously is Gourmet Nutrition by Precision Nutrition. I am a certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition and because I love their take on nutrition and wellness, I knew I would be a fan of their cookbook. In Gourmet Nutrition, each recipe […]