Last week I shared with you how my hip surgery went, how I have been feeling and what I have been doing in physical therapy. If you missed it, read all about it here. This week, I’m talking about strength. Four weeks after surgery, I decided it was time for me to start getting back into the weight room. The last 3 weeks […]

I cannot believe that it has been a month since I had my hip surgery. I know I have been quiet here on the blog but occasionally posted updates on Facebook and Instagram. Time to share with the masses what has been going on! The last month has been interesting, to say the least, and I wanted to give you […]

So we are coming down to the wire: Monday is the day I get hip surgery. People have been asking me how I feel and I honestly don’t have an answer. I’m obviously not happy about it and certainly not excited. I always say that leading up to a marathon, you experience a roller coaster of emotions: that’s what it has […]

Throughout my personal training career and learning how to keep myself healthy for running: I have learned that single leg exercises are the best way to help prevent injuries as well as muscle imbalances. Over the years I have learned that I am a more quad dominant athlete (thanks volleyball and basketball!) and that has led to weaknesses in my […]

HAPPY NEW YEAR! What you may have missed: Wednesday: Top Workouts of 2015 Tuesday: Top Running Posts of 2015 Yesterday I was asked by a member at my gym what my Resolutions were for 2016. At that point, I really didn’t know, or if I had an idea, I didn’t want to make my goals “public” yet until I gave […]

Keeping with the theme from yesterday’s post, I figured I would continue reminiscing and bring you the top five workouts that you all enjoyed the most on I’d Rather Be Sweating this year.  WOD {RFT} Running and a bodyweight workout: what could be better! Full Body Pyramid Work your shoulders and your core! 4 SUPER Indoor Workouts 4 workouts and […]

This week in my Tabata class, I selfishly made the entire format all upper body and abs to save my legs for this weekend’s marathon. I think the class hated me but loved the workout and I wanted to share with you two exercises that we did: Negative Push-ups and Planks. Going down towards the floor during a push-up is […]

Today’s short and sweet workout will leave you a little winded but feeling good all over!   I know, I know: BURPEES. I had them in your workout last week and here they are again. Burpees are an amazing total body exercises. To learn how to do burpees, watch me here (around 1:16). For Push-Presses watch me here and follow these […]

For this week’s Workout of the Day I am keeping it short and sweet: 3 exercises in 15-minutes. Its a total body workout with a nice emphasis on the shoulders. Also included is a special playlist designed by Addison! We have a lot of fun listening to music in the car and she has her special requests (ok, demands!) so […]

Hello all! I am still trying to put into words this past weekend’s Ragnar DC experience and as soon as I do: a full recap will be up! But until then, try this Workout of the Day! Try this workout today, time yourself, then do it again next week and see if you can beat your time: And no workout would […]